JS_PPP_8644a-250Glossophobia is a fear most people possess. Stricken with this disease as a child, Joel was nicknamed “Silent Sam” by his mother. No matter where he would go, he would watch, listen, and say nothing. Till one day, confident in his topic, he began to speak, and speak, and speak. It is with his passion for sharing knowledge that Joel ended up on the public speaking circuit for almost three decades.

Joel has given presentations and speeches to tens of thousands of people all across America, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Audiences range from corporate executives, medical professionals, university professors, military leaders, law enforcement professionals, school children, and the neighbor around the corner. His ability to synthesize complex subjects into easy to understand discussions is just one reason Joel is invited back time and time again.

Included here is a small selection of his popular programs. Specific topics can be tailored for specific groups. Contact Joel to discuss your conference or workshop.


Aging, Wellness and Fitness to Dive – 2013 – A discussion of aging, diving and how to improve fitness. (45 minutes).

Andrea Doria: The Mount Everest of Diving – 2010 – historical overview of exploration on the sunken Andrea Doria from 1956-2010, highlighting artifact discoveries and the ship’s deterioration. (60 minutes).

Bends Is Not a Dirty Word – 1994, 2002, 2012 A practical look at decompression sickness for recreational and technical divers. (40 minutes).

Cave Diving Fatalities – 2014 An examination and review of the causes cave diving incidents and fatalities. (40 minutes).

Decompression, Dive Tables and Diving Computers – 2003 – Primer on decompression, dive table and application of dive computers for square and multi-level dives using air or oxygen enriched air. (60 minutes).

Decompression Dive Computers and Software – 2007 – Hamilton & Silverstein – Comprehensive workshop on applications of dive planning software and wrist top computers for decompression. ( 130 minutes).

Diabetes and Diving – 2015 – Understanding the implications diabetes while diving. (45 minutes).

Fitness to Dive: The Health Professional’s Role in Evaluation – 2013 – Silverstein & Dorsey – CME workshop for the medical professional in appropriate methods of determining fitness for diving. (60 minutes).

Diving the B-29 Bomber -2015 – Silverstein & Weydig – discussion on the historical aspects of the B-29 bomber in Lake Mead with exploration images and video  (45 minutes).

Gas Analysis for the Recreational and Technical Diver – 1997 – Silverstein & Hamilton (30 minutes).

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – 2013 – Overview of applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). for decompression and wound care applications (60 minutes).

Introduction to Scuba Diving with Mixed Gas — 2012 — (60 minutes).

Patent Foramen Ovale and Decompression Illness in Recreational Diving –2012- CME The effects a patent foramen ovale on the recreational and technical diver, causation of decompression sickness and migraine with aura. Includes case studies and risks  (75 minutes).

Piranha 3D – 2009 – overview of diving operations, hazards, and support operations while conducting 1,800 dives while filming Piranha 3D (60 minutes).

Planning Underwater Cleanups – (2013)  Presentation and short video on how to plan, organize, and execute a successful underwater clean up.      (30 minutes).

Psychological Fitness: Are Some People to NUTS to Dive – 2015 – CME workshop on psychological and sociological issues that affect ability to perform compressed gas dives (50 minutes).

Treating Decompression Sickness in Remote Locations – (2012)– CME workshop on protocols for treating decompression sickness in the field.  Included discussion on in-water-recompression (75 minutes).

U.S. Navy Survey of Air and Oxygen Nitrogen Breathing Mixtures – 1999 – Hamilton & Silverstein (30 minutes).

“There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave.”
Dale Carnegie