Personal Writings

JS_PPP_8608a-250For more than twenty-five years, I have been posting and blogging on the internet. Most of the writings have to do with diving. However, there are some personal pieces that I care to share. They are included here to give greater insight to how I feel about people. Many are writings about people close to me who have passed away. Some are just fun.  Please enjoy them.

“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.”
– Ayn Rand





Empty at the Top — A reflection on the passing of my father and the understanding of becoming
an orphan. (2015)

23 Years – Chris and Chrissy Rouse – An annual memorial to a father and son team who perished 235 feet beneath the sea.  (2015)

Tony Maffatone-2015 – A discussion of dive safety wrapped around the memory explorer and inventor Tony Maffatone. (2015)

Journey of Grief – A year long blog  following the death of my father, Abraham M. Silverstein. (2014)

The Latke King – A warm and inviting story of how my Aunt Bessie taught me how to make potato latkes in her Brighton Beach kitchen in the 1960s. (2012)

The Prince of Gasses – A eulogizing essay about R.W. Bill Hamilton. An American hero and renowned gas physiologist. A colleague, friend, and mentor.  This piece has appeared in various forms in Alert Diver, Diver Magazine, and X-Ray (2011)

Courage – A eulogy I penned after the tragic death of our friend Tony Maffatone. The words were never spoken at the service. The wrinkled paper was kept close to my heart inside the jacket pocket.  (2000)